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  When an interview waiver, medicals, and a request for additional docs are made in the same letter, does that mean that your making the passmark is dependent on the additional docs? I claimed that I studied in Canada, but I should have sufficient points even if I am awarded nothing for this category, so why are they bothering to ask for additional proof?
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it could go like this...

they assume you are telling the truth about the contents of the additional documents and don´t want to hold up the process so they ask you to do your medicals.

If they find your additional proof is not what you say it is, then all the points in the world may be superceded by fraudulent documents, misrepresentation etc.

I would think you should view this multi purpose request from CIC as an act of good faith that they will find everything in order.

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consider yourself lucky that you don´t have an interview (as of yet). Just give the additional documents that they asked. CIC wants to make sure that the documents you submitted are valid and true.
All the best of luck!

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Thanks folks. I sure hope this is all it is. Just makes me nervous that I haven´t been awarded points as I had calculated them myself, and somehow my making the passmark is dependent on this one claim (which can be proved, but still, just the fact that so much emphasis has been placed on it when the points should have been fine without is odd!) Unless of course as Sharon says they want to ensure no misrepresentation has occurred. Although I wonder too if you are asked to back up any claim you make whether or not meeting the passmark is dependent on it? Anyone else had any experience of this? And what happens then if you can´t satisfy their request, not because of fraudulent docs but because someone else does not cooperate? (Say you are asked for evidence of your current year of work experience, but your employer doesn´t respond with the necessary documents, but you really don´t need those points to pass - will they refuse you the PR visa then?)

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