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Subject: Manitoba PNP
I have applied for Manitoba PNP under General stream during September 2006 and AOR received in October 2006 with my file # from Manitoba labour & immigration, and nothing there after. They don´t allow me to enquire the status and take six months to process my application for PNP certificate, mentioned in AOR. But it is now about one year and nothing heard from them , can any body help me know what happened to my application?

Sheila Daniel

Re Manitoba PNP (in reply to: Manitoba PNP)
Hi Daniel,

First of all tell me about some things
1. Did u applied your self or through consultant?
2. How did u reach points? [education, work experience, age, language ability, and adaptability and other things]
3. What kind of work Exp did u show? [I.T, Account, etc]
4. What did u show for language ability?
5. what is your adaptability?

tell me every thing then let me see what can I do for you?

reply me though E-mail :-
aman shah

aman shah
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