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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship
  I just sent my application to sponsor my husband last friday. I just realize that somewhere in the guide it says that all documents should be translated in english. Does that include personal letters from me to my husband and vice-versa? Cause I didn´t translate it. I thought they are just referring to certificates like birth, marriage, employment, and other formal documents. And do I have to put explanations about the pictures. I put new printed photos of some of my originals and a bit of originals. Would that make the assessmentand processing longer? Cause I really want to be with my husband as soon as possible. I hope w/in a year the sponsorship is finalize already and his here already.
I know it´s late to be thinking. I just don´t want to be surprise or shocked. I might be worrying about something when I shouldn´t be.

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I guess that they would ask you to translate these if your personal letters would be critical to deciding whether to approve or deny your case.
You should have sent the translation in the first place, but now you may hope that they would not need these letters at all(they may be satisfied with other documents supporting the validity of your marriage)

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