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Subject: to tell or not to tell
I am being sponsored by my spouse.We had put in our application in Canada.I was working under a work permit. I have since resigned from my company. I am wondering if I should inform immigration before I leave the country. I am planning to wait it out back home in Singapore since I cannot get another job in the country.

Also my spouse is working under a different company than the 1 that is listed in our application. Do we need to inform immigration?He is also returning to school in the fall part-time and may quit his job.

I am not sure if immigration needs to be informed and how that will impact our application.Any advice?


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Accordind to the rule, you should report any update of your work/other personal status.

Don´t worry, except Quebec, there is no min´m income required for spousal immigration. So, it won´t effect anyway.

Good practice to follow the book. Isn´t it?

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