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Subject: Passport number on visa
  Dear all,

We finally received back our passports! However, instead of "passport number" on the visa, they have mentioned the "booklet number". The "booket number" is more prominent and appears on each page of the passport in addition to the first page, whereas "passport number" appears only on the first page of Pakistani passports.

Can you please advise whether this is normal ... it is a mistake by CIC? If so, do we need to send back for correction?

Thanks & regards

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Don´t worry about that. Usually, that?s the procedure. The same happened to me.
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Thanks very much Edu!


Booklet number and tracking number (in reply to: Passport number on visa)
Hi...I´m applying for Indian and they´re asking for booklet number and tracking number...if anyone can help me find these two number on a Pakistani Passport?

Kashif Sear
wrong passport no (in reply to: Passport number on visa)
Hi,I applied for schengen visa at swiss embassy. They printed my booklet no in front of passport no box.Will it have any effect on port of entry or it does not matter as each page of my passport carries booklet no.
If it will create a problem,should i request embassy for the correction?

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