Medical Exam within 60 or 30 days

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Subject: Medical Exam within 60 or 30 days

I received a letter on 24th Aug, asking me to go ahead with medical examination within next 60 days.Along with this letter there´s another letter which outlines how to proceed for medical examination.In that letter there are couple of lines which read -
"You should make arragements to undergo the required medical examination immediately.Failure to do so withing next 30 DAYS
of this notice will result in uncessary delays in the processing of your application."

Which one should i consider...?60 days or 30 days?

And I got an appointment for Oct 1st...which is like more than 30 days away...

Can anyone please advice


Hi (in reply to: Medical Exam within 60 or 30 days)
Hi usually its 60 days. But earlier is better. Make appointment with doctor as soon as possible. Even if you do it today it will take atleast 2 months for them to update your medical results.
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