SW application and work experience question!!!!!!!

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Subject: SW application and work experience question!!!!!!!
  Im wondering if you can answer my question,
I´m a recent grad from a Canadian college, and been working for about 6 moth now since march with a work permit that clearly states the name of the company that im allowed to work for and valid dates. I´m planning on applying for PR under SW class once i will get a full 1 year of paid work experience. I graduated in dec20 2006, and had an off-campus work permit which allowed me to work full-time during academic brakes. I also started working for one company in december where i stayed till march until i got a job offer from my current employer, but i never filed for a real work permit back then and was still working on off-campus one. well here is my question,
would i be able to count that 3 months that i worked for those guys from dec-march towards my 1 year of experience?
if you could help me with this dilemma that would be great!
Thanks for your help everyone!

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