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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship
  My question is related to form 5490 question 27. This question asked if my wife and I have lived together. I have answered no as I would define living together as having the same residence for a period of 6 months not sharing a hotel room for weeks or staying at my wife´s condo in China. It is not possible to live together in a continuous fashion. Are they asking do we live together or spend time in each others bed? Frankly if the are asking the later it is no of their business. It is not a legal requirement in Canada to reveal this information and I doubt the Prime Minister would share the time lines for his sexual encounters with his wife before or after marriage. Any way I am sounding off as I am offended by a process where a bureaucrat can make moral judgment rather and a finding of fact as a reason to accept or reject a marriage as valid. My wife and I speak with each other for an hour or more each day even though we are on opposit sides of teh world how many married couples who "live together communicate that often"
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Stop focusing on what you see as a negative and concentrate on the positive.

Any thing we humans do with our senses we interpret that thing. If you consider it living together that is what it is. If you do not consider it living together then it is not. Look at the form again their is no six month requirement.

What they are looking for is evidence of a bond between the two of you.

Now it is your obligation to prove that your marriage is genuine. STOP using phone cards unless the time spent on the phone shows up on a paper bill somewhere. Send lots of snail mail cards and make sure both of you keep the envelopes to show the date the cards were mailed! Get your friends to write a one page 12 font letter how you never shut up about how perfect your wife is and how much you miss her. Make sure your friends attach a Canadian government ID with your address with their letters so the Visa Officer can give the letter the weight it deserves.

If your involved with a Chinese women you should not be ranting and raving on this topic. It is common knowledge that a bogus marriage from China will get the sponsor approximately $35,000.00

Change your attitude and prove beyond a doubt that your marriage is real. If you don´t change your attitude and loose contact me for your appeal.


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Sorry that my frustration shows through. I had to fire the first legal council that I hired as they completely screwed up the application and seemed to have no idea what the office in Hong Kong requires. I will ignore your advise on the phone cards as the government will not reimburse this cost and I have submitted a very long ( hundreds) of calls on Skype and a significant sampling of over the over 800 e-mails that have been exchanged. I have also submitted letters from friends as suggested as well as correspondence between myself and my wife´s daughter and a notarized declaration from my daughter. The government takes the time to define Conjugal on the same form and does not define co-habitation. I am very aware of the problem with China and the opportunity it presents for those who wish to profit by it but it does seem that unlike like Canadian Law which I live under in the case of immigration the assumption is you are guilty until proven innocent. My wife and I are both educated people and early on in our relationship we looked in to the requirement to submit an application as published by the Canadian Government. What is there and what is required is not the same thing. Anyway thank you for your advise I will do my best to remain positive.
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Processing time should be only a couple of months. Wish you all the best. Keep in touch.


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I just recently send my application to sponsor my husband and haven´t heard yet.

Anyway, I don´t think, that question and didn´t even occured to me, when we are answering the questions that it is about if we are having sex. I just see it as they are just asking if you have lived together. if you have bonded and your relationship is real. I didn´t lived with my husband for more than 4 weeks when I went home and got married. As you should know vacation time is limited. That´s what we said. But since we have been boyfriends and girlfriend before I moved here. We are being positive that we can be together soon.

I know it is non of their business to ask about if your sleeping together that´s why I never thought about it. Cause in my point of view why would they ask that kind of question it doesn´t prove anything. You can sleep and lived together and still not love each other.

Well anyway good luck!

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