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Subject: Which is easy? Canada,New Zealand,Australia


I wonder which of the following countries is easy to immigrate

Canada , New Zealand or Australia

Why they law gives advantage to the illegal immigrants
giving more points if you have a job offer, studies in Canda, or NZ


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The easiest thing is probably staying home and trying to do your best to improve your own life and help one or two people in your neighborhood, if you can! None of these countries you listed are "EASY". They will demand that you sweat it out and work hard and maybe they will ask you to start at the beginning if your skills are not refined enough or if you can´t speak the damn language... You don´t seem to be good at communicating so you may already have a problem. Take care and stay strong and stay home. It is always best to try hard and make life better where you are originally born.
Landed Man
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Landed Man

You are a wrong person in this forum.
No one asked you what to do as***le!?
This forum is for nice people

Please leave this forum and go and clean Canadian Washrooms with your "English", understand!!!

I was in a rush and I couldn´t concentrate in my English,
My Toefl score is 540 s.o.b

Sorry for others that I am using this language.

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Before Canada, I checked into immigration procedures for all 3 of these countries. Canada´s is the most generous and straightforward. If you are well-qualified in skills needed, work experience, and education, you´re basically accepted.

The other 2 are much harder, especially New Zealand. There, you also must first qualify based on needed skills, required education, and work background. But that´s not enough. If you pass that, you´re then assigned a score and placed in a "pool" of potential candidates. NZ immigration then periodically skims the top of these pool candidates (highest scores) to fill-in current gaps as skills are needed.

Australia is not too far off from this system. In addition, both these countries have much narrower age restrictions than Canada. Anyone over 40 can forget it.

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Thanks Richard

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