Urgent , need ur help ...? PP at New-Delhi

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Subject: Urgent , need ur help ...? PP at New-Delhi
  Hi Guys , it has been more than a 45 days that when we had submiited our pps(Passport requested from there side) at Canadian Embassy at New-Delhi, till now we havent got any response from their side , and last week our lawyers which is in vancouver they had send them d email regarding the status enquiry that how much more time will d kind authorities will take 2 issue d visas , but they havent replied them back , and one more thing our medicals r expiring soon i.e in the 1st week on Nov-07 , just have approximately 2 months inhand , so how much more time will d embassy take 2 issue d visa... and wat makes them 2 hold applicants pps for so long ,

can we go personally 2 do embassy to know how much more time it gonna take , and wat r chances of going for d 2nd medicals ...?

guys plz share something , especially aaplicants from New-delhi, how they feel.

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seems like no one answer d query , cant beleive it , not even a single person ....
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