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  Hi guys not sure if anyone can help me, me and my partner are very serious about immigrating from the UK to Canada and we would love for this to be Montreal as we have friends there (although i have family in ontario Ottawa). Now we have looked at the immigration process and someone has told us that we should look at the Quebec immigration process if we are serious about living in Montreal, but i have one question i do not really speak much French only some phrases and words but im very willing and eager to learn as i have already done with spanish as i currently live in spain due to work and have done for 1 year my girlfriend has a basic level of french and is a qualified primary teacher so i feel would have no problem getting a job and she has also lived in spain with me for 1 year and has a fulltime job as a primary teacher here and has picked up the language very quick. Now my question is would our level of french stop us from getting a quebec PR or if we can prove that we are serious enough about learning french once we land and have a real desire to live there that this is enough. Can anyone shed some light on this for me.

Thanks guys

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I recommend you fill out the Quebec evaluation form twice. First with you as the primary applicant, and then next, with your partner as the primary. French is very important, but there are highly valued skills that would earn more points.

We live in Montreal with temporary work permits. My husband has arranged employment which is worth 15 pts. Although we barely speak French, we received our CSQ last month. We probably would have been refused without the AE.

If you really want to live in Montreal, start taking French classes. Good luck.

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Here´s a better link to learn more about immigrating to Quebec.

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Actually, by law, if you´re destined for Montreal, you should apply for your immigration through the Province of Quebec.

French is not a reason for them to refuse you, though they may question the likelihood of you being able to find a job in your field if you can´t speak the language.

Quebec Immigration
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je veut bien m´anstaller au canada
assiakh hocine
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hi i have applied to the quebec under permanent skilled worker how much will be the processing time i have applied on 18th may 2009
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Hello everybody,
I´ve got a Visa as Permanent Resident for Montr?al. In this moment I´m single but my boyfriend and I would like to marry so he can join me there. My questions is: Should we marry before I leave? or Should I get the Permanent Resident card first and them come back to my country and get marry? Why?

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DO NOT GET MARRIED BEFORE YOU LAND - it will change your status and affect your PR.

Land, then go back and get married... then begin the sponsorship process with an Outland Application. will take 6-12 months to complete

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What decides the French language skills? How is the proficiency measured?
Do we have any exam to appear like IELTS for English?

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Hi Guys,

I have submitted my application for CSQ in Montreal in mid of june. I have complted my education in Montreal, have good Education & 7 years of experience in my field + doing job in Montreal (tEMPORARY WORK PERMIT).

Is anyone can tell me how much time it will take to receive File # after submitting application for CSQ? I submitted personally in their office at Notre Dame Montreal.



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I want to put together documents for the quebec selection certificate but i can´t access the address of the immigation office that covers my country.I reside in Cameroon.Can you please enlighten me also on a more facilitated means of paying my applition fees?Hope to hear back from you soon.
Thanks,God bless you

Tabi Elves Teneng