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Subject: Strike
  Just found on the Canadian Immigration Website. I know this has been going on for awhile, but I´ve never seen it posted on the website

Advisory on Service Delivery during Strike Activity
Some Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) employees are currently in a legal strike position. Therefore, service in certain offices across the country may be disrupted.

Meanwhile, Treasury Board Secretariat and Public Service Alliance of Canada representatives are still working to reach a new collective agreement.

For information on the current status of collective bargaining, please visit the Treasury Board of Canada Internet site
Q1. In the event of a strike, will services continue to be provided? Will they be limited?

A1. Service will depend on the level of strike activity. If there are rotating strikes, some services will be delayed or sporadic. In the case of a full strike, designated staff will deal with essential services only (see Question 2).

Q2. Which services are considered essential?

A2. Essential services are those considered necessary for the safety or security of the public. Eligibility decisions on refugee claims (front-end security screening, fingerprinting) and income assistance to government-assisted refugees are considered essential.

Q3. How will a strike affect people seeking tourist visas?

A3. There will be no impact on this service. Staff working at Canadian missions and consulates outside of Canada are not affected by the current job action.

Q4. How will a strike affect people trying to immigrate to Canada?

A4. Applications for permanent residence require months to process, so short or rotating strikes will have little impact on people applying from within Canada.

Q5. What effect will a strike by CIC staff have on the public in general?

A5. Many services at CIC will be disrupted according to the level of strike action. For example, citizenship ceremonies will be delayed. Call centre service will not be available during a strike and afterwards service may be slower than usual as the call volume will probably be very high. Applications for permanent resident (PR) cards will also be delayed. Clients who have not received their PR cards will still be able to travel abroad, but they will have to apply for a travel document at the Canadian consulate in the country they are visiting in order to return to Canada.

Great it already takes long enough!! Happy holidays...

(in reply to: Strike)
This is an old topic. If you use the search function you will find that a lot of discussion was done on this topic.
fingerprinting service in new jersey (in reply to: Strike)
please help

how about transit visa? (in reply to: Strike)
I will go Washington DC. in the US via Vancouver and Toronto, and need transit Visa of Canada. What is the impact of the strike on the transit Visa?
Lingwei Wang
Regarding PR immigration (in reply to: Strike)
Hello everybody I just want to know how much time strike will go I want to go Canada with my family for permanent base. Now I m waiting for ending the strike . Please finish strike as soon as possible
Karan Mehra
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