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Subject: Problem in police clearance
  Roy/Sharon/Anybody face to this situation,

For the PR,we have applied police clearance from UAE on 16/8 and withing few days they have issued my report and my husband?s report did not issue up to now.Finally today UAE police informed over the phone ,according to their data base ,from 1999,there is issue for a cheque against my husband?s passport number , therefore they can not issue the police clearance.

We had been in UAE for 2.5 years and left the country in Feb, 1999.According to my husband there was no dues for any thing . When I asked about more details about cheques and the amount from UAE police,they are not willing to give any details and asked to come to the police station and find out.But presently we are in UK.

I am the main applicant and done our med and 11/9 handed over all the requested papers to the H/C in Sri Lanka with my husbands pending police report.

In this situation could you please kindly advice what is the best thing to do? Shall I informed CIC about this situation ?Will this be effected to grant our VISA?


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Explain the situaion to CIC. They are more likely to understand than the UAE police.

Suggestion: Your husband must have bought something with his credit card and forgot the last payments OR Check if he closed his bank account/credit card before leaving. If he had his credit card running when he left UAE, he probably has unpaid yearly fees... just thoughts!!

Good Luck!

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Problem in police clearance (in reply to: Problem in police clearance)
Thank you Almost perfect.

As you said he could not closed his account before leaving but he told he sent a letter to the bank advising to close the account.

Hope CIC will understand our difficult situation .


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Contact the bank and ask if account has been closed. Knowing the people of that region, I would not trust that my work will be done by just writing a letter.

I lived in Kuwait, and I had to authorize my friend to close my account after leaving permanently. A person should personally go to the bank!

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If the credit card hasnt been closed, they will keep adding interest and late payment fees for many years! This may not be very good for you to apply for Credit card else where in the world!!
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abu dhabi and sadi police clearance.... (in reply to: Problem in police clearance)
hi i lived in saudi for 2 years and 4+ years in abu dhabi and im here right now in canada for more than 2 years and complying with all my requirements for PR application.My question is Im afraid to apply for police clearance in abu dhabi due to 2 credit cards that i still have balance and one of them sent a demand letter for payment back home,the amount was 10 times more than my original debt..and im not done yet i have a bank loan that my friend was my guarantor ,so i really dont know how will it affect my application and police clearance appilcation.

lastly,what is ure thought if im going to call the banks and ask for any payment arrangement....

any thoughts and thank you for reading...

sri (in reply to: Problem in police clearance)
hi where can i get the application form for police clearance in abu dhabi and where to send it...


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