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Subject: PPR & QSC
  Hi to everyone.......I have got my QSC today.Can anyone tell me after sending QSC to embassy how many days it will take to get my passport back from new delhi embassy.My passport have reached new delhi embassy on 12 august......I have heard that visa officers put bring forward file on files.Is it true...? Have they put some date on my file as my passport is with them for over a month..So i request if any one give me rough idea when i´ll get my passport with visa......! Thanks a lotttt for replying
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there is nothin u can do besides waiting...me n my parents PP r wid new delhi embassy since 88 days,almost 3 months....n still no response from embassy
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Hi Chahal........Whats wrong with ur application...? Have u tried contacting new delhi...? And what was their response
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