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Subject: PR Card status
  I got my PR card in Aug 2007. And currently i have been outside canada since then (over a year now).
1. how long I can stay outside canada and not risk my PR Card? Is it three years?
2. im eligible to apply for citizenship if i live in Canada for 3 years? If i return after three years and live two years will it be ok if I renew my PR card for another 5 years (in order so I complete the third year and apply for citizenship).

ashkan karimi
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PR residency requirements are 730 days in 5 years over a rolling horizon.
To apply for citizenship you need to stay in Canada, 3 out of 4 years preceding the date of application.

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That means if i only live 2 years in canada then ill be eligible to renew the PR card?
ashkan karimi
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