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Subject: landing by rented car

Can anyone please post their experiences about doing the landing procedures by driving to Canada from US by rental car ? I intend to drive to Buffalo, and as such I would like to know where exactly would the landing be done, and how easy / difficult it is.


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There have been many posts about bad experiences when trying to land by rented car. Canada Immigration does not allow Canadian citizens and residents (even brand new ones) to enter Canada with a U.S. rental car. There´s a good chance you´ll be denied entry, although you´ll still be able to land at the border.

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Richard is right, landing by rental car can result in your being denied entry. However, several people here have done it successfully, including us. While it raised some eyebrows, we didn´t have any major problems, given that we were returning the same day to the US.

There is a lot of confusion over whether or not Canadian PRs can enter Canada with a rental car, whether for landing or travel. As we´ve used a rental car in both circumstances, I think the key is honesty about intentions when crossing the border. Before a recent trip to Canada, I contacted border control about the legality of using a rental car, and was given the okay. So long as we were traveling as Americans (with our US passports) rather than Canadian PRs (using our PR cards as proof of identity), we were told we´d be in the clear. As it was, we encountered no problem at all.

I would recommend calling border control and explaining your situation, including why you intend to cross using a rental car rather than your own. As always, be clear and honest about your intentions.

Good luck!

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Very good advice, wannabe. I didn´t know certain circumstances might be ok, such as traveling under U.S. passport. I assumed once a resident, they wanted you to always enter as a resident. Also, contacting them in advance and explaining the situation makes a lot of sense.
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Thanks guys and appreciate your honest inputs. More will be welcome.

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The question didn´t specify if the car was rented in the US or in Canada.

From what I read, seems to me that eyebrows are raised if the car is rented in the US and has to be returned in the US.

I don´t see why there would be any eyebrows at all if the rental car can be returned in Canada. Am I correct? I would like to know because I also plan to land on a rental car, and return the car in Canada!

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