Roy/Sharon please guide.. Confused!!!!

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Subject: Roy/Sharon please guide.. Confused!!!!
  hello friends,
I applied for PR at New delhi office in Jan 2004. After that, i migrated to the UK for couple of years and then came to Canada on study permit for doing my ph.d. I have 3 years study permit on my passport now. The waiting period they gave to me (44 months) its over and there are not signs of even the 2003 files being processed in New Delhi.
I am about to update my file now......

My query is
1)should I request my file to be transfered to the US? Will that be a better option then waiting for New Delhi to process my file?
Or can I expect to get some priority and get my file processed in New delhi, earlier that the normal period?
[also considering the fact that i m in Manitoba province, a immigrant hungry one]

2)secondly, once i get approval(from New Delhi), will they ask me to submit my passports for the landing visa? I understand that i will get the immigration papers and will go to the US-canada border to get the passport stamped, as i dont need a landing visa for canada!!!!
any other tips r appreciated as well


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Requests from India to US Transfers for applications are not helping any good.

I have sent a letter to Delhi consulate requesting for a transfer and didnot hear back for 2 or 3 months.

Then, I have withdrawn the app filed in Delhi and had to file for a fresh application in Buffalo.

Luckily, i have received my file # in a month and received medicals request along with landing fees in 4 months.

I am done with medicals, paid RPRF and waiting for PPR.

Now its your call based on my experience provided above.


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I am surprised that you waited this long after going to UK. You should have requested your file transfer when you moved.
For your questions:
1. Try getting into PNP and request speedy process.
2. you must either go to the office which processed your application or send your passport there. You may not send your passport to any other office.

Almost Perfect!!
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Withdraw your application from New Delhi and file a new one at Buffalo. If you do not want to withdraw then try arranged employment or PNP route, your case at Delhi will be processed in matter of months.
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Thankz for the reply Parveen and everybody.

Parveen can you tell me whether i have wait for the letter confirmation of withdrawl from New Delhi, before applying at Buffalo???

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You dont need to wait for confirmation letter.

While filling the application for permanent residence, it asks for a question whether an application has been filed before.

Give your previous file # from New Delhi and say that the application is currently being withdrawn.

Once the new application is accepted at Buffalo and file # is obtained, then send a letter to Delhi consulate asking for withdrawal which the consulate is lightining fast in responding and closing the application...

All the best

please guide how long my immigration process will betaken (in reply to: Roy/Sharon please guide.. Confused!!!!)
Dear Sir ,
I applied for canada immigration in NewDelhi, i have received my file no. in Nov,2004. As they asked i submitted all required documents once again 2years back. Till now i have not received any information from New Delhi Embassy. could you help how long it will be taken to complete the process
Thank you


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