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Subject: Applying for Parents Immigration within Canada

I am a Permament Resident of Canada. My husband is a Canadian Citizen. I am planning to sponsor my dad for immigrating to Canada. He is currently living in India.

He has applied for a Visitor Visa to visit Canada.We are yet to know the decision made by the consulate

My doubt is Can I apply for his sponsorship from Canada.
If so, which address should I give as the Mailing Address in the application form?
He is planning to stay in Canada for one year.
Can he have his Medical Exam done in Canada?

He might not return to India for upto one year.
So none would be available in India to receive the letters or Communication from Consulate

Please help



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first of all, all family class sponsorships originate in Canada. You are approved first as sponsors and then the file goes to India where your father gets approved.

Do not be disappointed if the consolate declines your father´s visitors visa - especially if there is no family, property, job or responsibilities that would entice him to return home. 1 year visit will require him to apply for an extension while in Canada. Visitor Visas are only issued for 6 months.

CIC is very reluctant to allow anyone in the country that is at risk of staying beyond the agreed terms. You may need to rethink a few things.

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You can apply from within Canada based on H&C family reunification etc. CIC claims they are processing Humanitarian and Compassionate applications now in 3-4 months.

They put a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that if the application is transferred to the local office it (MAY) increase processing times.

I have a client who submitted her own H&C application and they transferred it to the local office in one week.


Your father or any H&C applicant has to remain in Canada until a decision is rendered. H&C application in process will not prevent removal.


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How can you prevent removal then, if H&C does not prevent it during processing.
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