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Subject: Help Needed in Visit Visa

I need help;

Situation is, a Canadian citizen´s brother has been murdered last night. Now he wants to bring his parents and the widow in Canada on visit visa as they are feeling insecurity back home.

Is there any special consideration for them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this guy is totally devastated and looking for any way.


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I feel deeply sorry for this horrible incident and can undersatnd the devastating atmosphere.

I do not think I have enough experience to offer you direct and valuable answer. I think if the family are in danger and have strong ground to seek refuge then they can apply as conventional refugees to the nearest Cnd Embassy. I doubt very much if their grief would justify urgent visa or a special treat. I hope I am being wrong.

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Thanks for your inputs.

Is it possible to apply as refugee to any Canadian embassy??? This is totally new to me. I´m afraid, it is not possible in my home country. Then Canadian embassy has to transformed into a rehab many cases like this. That poor guy was an University teacher, just got an offer for Ph.D in the USA, married 6 months ago.

If I could, sometimes I wish to urge the entire world.. please don´t take any life, for any reason, what you can´t return.

Hope for the best, the guy is well settled in Canada as well his parents back home, that may help a bit.

Thanks again.

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strange a decision has been made only one day after the murder to flee the country.
Sorry, a refugee claim will be unsuccessful especially if the country is not listed as a refugee seeking country under the UNHCR.
Try other methods such as Skilled Workers PR, Work Permit etc.
Visitor´s visa might be difficult under these circumstances too.

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