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Subject: funds required!!!
  actually i have to apply for student visa next year(from INDIA) to postgraduate course in canada which is a one year course andits fees is CD$11000+ or RS 4 lakh+..i just wanted to know how much funds is needed to show to embassy so that my visa is not rejected on funds..plzzz tell me the limit which is expected from a applicant.
thank you.

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you would be better off contacting the university you are planning to attend. THey would probably give you a sheet of expenses to be expected for the year based on tuition and cost of living. I´m pretty sure as long as you can provide proof of those funds you should be fine.
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Take CAD 10,000 for living expenses. Another CAD 11,000 for tuition fees. Try showing somewhat more amount than CAD 21,000 CAD. My advice, show atleast 30-40K in liquid cash. In addition, show reasons you will comeback to your home country and which prove your financial stability after covering your study expenses.
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