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Subject: How long after AOR
  Hello everybody,
I applied for Canadian PR at Buffalo in April 5th, 2007 and received my AOR on May 22nd, 2007. I was wondering if anyone has applied around the same time. I am expecting a decision around March-April next year. Should I expect any correspondance from them before that??

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Each case is different and it is not possible to predict when you will hear from CIC.

CIC may contact you if they need more documents like proof of funds or IELTS exam or if they find something is missing.

Or else getting your IA takes some time. For me it was only 3 months and I heard more and more people get it faster than it used to be.

If you like to know about processing times you can go to

and click "Canada" and you will have example of what timings people get. It gives you an idea.

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Hi CBV333,
I was contacted for IELTS in May itseld and I´ve already given the exam. And I presume my score has reached them.
Thanks for the quick reply.

How was IELTS? (in reply to: How long after AOR)
What band did you score? I recieved the same request, my AOR date is 22nd August 2007. I am writing the test on Dec 1st. How did you prepare for the test?
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Hi Sid,
I got a band score of 8.. The test is a breeze if you are familiar with English. But to get a general idea of the questions and the format I bought an IELTS book. I studied for 2 days and finished the whole book.. that was it... The book was pretty good though. It´s by Barron´s.. Good luck with your exam and PR application.

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