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Subject: Thanks CBV333 and Samm
  Hi CBV333, Samm

This is in reply to your advise to my query on online bank statement for proof of funds...
I applied from US...the thing is it was only a year when i applied...and my savings account in INGDirect which unlike other banks have no offices around.
They take some 10 days to send me the letter...and next week i have to go to india.
So i was wondering if online statement would work...

anyway thank you..i?ll wait for the letter as you said.


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Also now that you are going to India, if by chance you have some bank account there (maybe joint with your parents or spouse ??) as long as there is YOUR NAME on it then you can also provide a letter from the bank.

WE DID IT and it WORKED so I know for sure. We had an affidivit and my spouse had a joint account with parents so we asked a letter with the stamp of the bank (30 % of our funds came from India and they were OK with that since it is easily transferable).

Also if you have a NRE or NRI account, that works too!

Hope it helps!

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