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Subject: in Canada marrying a American in British Columbia
i´m having a tough time finding the right info and i wanted to know if anyone could help me. If my american girlfriend came up here (B.C.) on the tourist 90 days without visa would we be able to marry? also, it says that in BC there is no wait time for your marriage license. with this in mind would my now wife be able to stay in the country legally without having to get a visa of some kind? and if she needs a visa can we file for one in the after we are married. i thought i read that after marriage a green card was sent within 90 days and that person could not leave the country. this is probably wrong cause everything i´ve been reading seems like it will be a lot of time and work.

also what does a green card cover? does she get any healthcare once married and has the green card or does she have to become a citizen first? can she work or go to school once she has a green card? after marriage how long does it take to get a green card? is it as easy as just filling for one and sending off the forums?

if we are married is there a possibility that should would have to go back down to America while things are being processed? isnt it that you can spend 6 outta 12 months in canada. if she came up for 3 months then left how long would she have to stay out of canada before coming back for another 3 months?

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there are no green cards in Canada. If she comes as a visitor she is not entitled to healthcare. she would need to take out travel insurance. You can marry her in BC but then you must begin the process of sponsorship. she cannot work while she is here as a visitor.
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so is she still considered a visitor after we marry?

also what are the time frames we would be looking at for sponsoring your spouse ? i thought i read something that said it was processed in about 30 days? is that just like 30 days to file it then having to wait months and months to start the process? or like it could go through in 30 days?

and do we have to show proof too? like bank accounts, bills and other stuff before filling?

i got this off some website

"Permanent Residence Applications
>> First stage of approval
Spouse or Common-Law Partner Class
Current Processing Time: 5 - 6 months


Sponsorship Applications
Spouse, Common-Law or Conjugal Partner and Dependent Children
Current Processing Time: 24 days"

if we are married does this mean we file for the sponsorship applications right after so she can stay and we dont have to deal with the first part?

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if you are in Canada, 5-6 months to have yourself qualified as a sponsor, and then you must verify the relationship. various reports say up to a year. if your spouse is outside the country it depend on where they are living. see CIC has a good set of instructions
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