Issue with US driver's license

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Subject: Issue with US driver's license
  I have more than 5 years of clean driving record in the US. But I have 2 problems in my US driver´s license:
1. My first name became last and vice versa
2. There is a spelling mistake in my DL
3. My DL is expired!

Is there any way this problem can be solved? I dont want to wait a year to take the road test! Besides insurance for new drivers in Canada ruptures pockets.

I´ve been a clean driver for more than 10 years and I dont want to begin from the beginning.

Almost Perfect!!
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Not sure what problem you´re wanting to correct. If it´s your U.S. license, I would go to the nearest DMV (department of motor vehicles) office and have them make the name corrections in the database as well as issue you a new, valid license. Better to do this now to clarify and correct your information in advance of exchanging to a Canadian licence.

You also should not be driving around with an expired license. Better to have an up-to-date U.S. license with all necessary road tests done there, rather than having to start from scratch without a driving record or road test in Canada. If everything is up-to-date with your U.S. license and if you provide them with your U.S. driving history abstract (record), the Canadian province will issue you a class G (best) licence right away with no additional tests needed. Especially since you have a clean 10 year history.

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Richard is absolutely correct. I don´t think it´ll take more than 20$ or so to re-issue a new license with correct spell.
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Almost Perfect!! is already in Canada. He said he landed.

How can he get a renewed US corrected license if he is not a resident in US anymore ????

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That´s a good point, didn´t realize that.

He still can get his driving records, not sure if the spelling mistake can be taken care of.

I don´t that think if the spell mistake is not serious there will be any problem. From my, my wife, anotehr freind´s experiecne it seems they just give a overlook at the records for a minute without any hard look. Spell mistkae can be explained and should be acceptable.

My name is spelled wrong in wife´s PP (instead of OO, it was printed as U). She has been using that one for her Canadian PR, all other US Visa..status update (TD/H4) as my spouse.

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Absolutely CBV!! I am in Canada and holding Indian passport, I need visa to enter the US. This is my BIG problem.

I am in the process of getting a renewed license but wonder if name corrections will be made in my absence! I care less about the spelling but the jumble is causing a hurdle in getting license in Canada.

I need luck... I hope US SOS will accept if I fax them my passport copy!

Thnx nyways guys for ur inputs... Will keep you posted if something good happens.

Almost Perfect!!
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Mr. Perfect

Contact the state that issued the license to see if you can renew same by Mail. Each province issues it own driver licenses so I suggest you go just outside of major population centres and you will get to speak to someone directly.

Depending on the province that you are in they may have a reciprocal agreement to switch the drivers license for you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Contact the big banks I know they have the lowest Insurance rates and you can check their rates on-line.


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Thanks Roy.

I am eligible to renew my license by mail. I am in Ontario and they switch the US license. But first the problem of first name last name jumble is to be solved. As you advised, I will try in other provinces if nothing works in Ontario.

Almost Perfect!!
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