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Subject: NASC

Am looking for reference before I commit to NASC (North American Services Centre, based in Dubai), has anyone used their service??

Thank you.

Mrs & Mr
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What are your plans? what kind of immigration issue do you have? more details will help us to answer you.

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Katheryn McDomald

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Thank you Mr. Stuart & Mr. Roy. Am skilled class applicant, based in Middle East. Before I commit wanted some references (Am following Mr. Roy´s advice on this forum).

On my list are NASC and CLS International Law Firm based in Toronto with offices in Middle East

I sounded out Mr. Roy I gather he is not keen to take up skilled class due to time factor.

Anyway if anyone has any info on the above two firms will appreciate.


Mrs & Mr
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Mrs. & mr.

Did you read the CLS web site well?

It appears that CLS has no partner who is an authorized representative. Neither of the Lawyers appear to be members of a Provincial Law Society! Why?

The two guys moved to Dubai for the BIG BUCKS (Investors) and said good bye to their partners in Canada. Then CLS are affilliated with Law Firms in Montreal and Toronto. How connected to these other independent Law Firms are they?

Did you read my posting regarding fancy Immigration Advice Web Sites????

You need to do more research on whether or not these two former members quit their Law Societies or were disbarred for any reason.


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Thank you Mr. Roy, I wish I can engage you for skilled class.
Mrs & Mr
NASC are big chetaers (in reply to: NASC)
NASC is a big fraud in UAE. I have personally know many people who have been cheated by them including us. they are so non professional and illiterate people who only do false advertisement my posting paid videos on their site. they filed my assessment for australian immigration in the wrong assessment society which declined automatically. they simply do not know any technicalities. they accepted their mistake but are unwilling to return our money.
my most sincere advice is not to go for them ever if u value ur money and time


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