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Subject: AOR
  I sent the application package to Buffalo 4 months ago, but never received a letter from them confirming receipt. (US postal service confirmed a delivery) I faxed and sent a letter 1 month ago to Buffalo office asking whether they got my application or not, but again no answer. Can anybody advise me what to do now? Thanks.

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If you´re already in Canada on a student or work permit then you have a client ID ...using that client ID you can check your status on eclient can search this forum for a posting on eclient ...also sometimes called ecas.

I had the same experience AOR was probably lost in the mail. You may want to send a letter in the mail along with a fax asking them for your file number. It took them 2 months to respond to my query. I applied in mid Fed 2004 and it was almost the end of June before I had a file number.

Good luck

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my sponsorship was approved from missisauga last month and file was transfered to buffalo on nov 4 but i didin´t get my aor yet

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As per my information people who applied in sept are getting AOR.Please check did you apply?
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My sponsorship file was approved by Mississauga and forwarded to Buffalo on August 6th, my AOR wasn´t sent out from Buffalo until October 6th. So it took them 2 months to send it out. From other people I´ve talked to, this isn´t uncommon. You should most likely be receiving yours sometime early in January.


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hi mel
after getting u r aor what else u got from buffalo and how much processing of u r case is done .I think the spouse case processing get slow
share u r time we are in same boat.
best of luck
Meery Christmas and happy new year

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