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Subject: Need Help about Passport Request

I am sponsoring my husband from India. He currently lives with me in Toronto. We paid the entire fees and submitted the medicals in April 2007. May 15 2007 we received a passport request from CIC-New Delhi.

As per their instructions we submitted my husband?s passport via Canada Post on June 11 2007 at the CIC-New Delhi.

Canada Post confirmed delivery but our ECAS does not show any passport update. We have called, faxed and emailed but were never given a reply. Is there a problem?

Furthermore, when I sponsored my husband we had a address in Montreal and mentioned that we choose to live in Toronto because thats where I am from. CIC-M changed our address over the phone from Montreal to Toronto in June 2007 but the ECAS still shows no update.

We are worried because the ECAS is does not show any update of address or passport. Please advice what do we do and how long would it really take now to hear from them.


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I have heard that Canadian Embassy in India does not send out passport outside of India. Have you provided them with local address for your passport?

CHC New Delhi sometime takes 3-4 months to return passports.

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Thanks for ur response.

Yes I have provided my husband´s local home address in mumbai...

CIC-India hasnt even updated the ECAS system. I am really worried.

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