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Subject: Deported
  Hey I have a question dont know if anybody here can help me I was deported from the USA on a small possession charge years ago when i was 18 and now im 39 but was deported last year by the US..I wanted to know what if anybody knows what i can do to immigrate to Canada and live there.Please if anybody knows the procedure let me know ..thanks..
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You will have to get a US Waiver from Homeland Security.
You will also have to get a Pardon from Canada never mind the offence was not committed in Canada.
After you get these two documents, you will still have to meet the Immigration requirements of Canada depending on what category you wish to apply under.
This is a serious case and you will have to get proper representation because it involves possession of drugs and deportation.
There is nothing like " small possession charge", possession is possession, the law in the US does not quantify possession.

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You are right maybe i do need some professional help.But what is the waiver for if Im not applying to go there.I will be calling an attorney can you recommend a good Canadian attorney ..??
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