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  I posted to the other thread but I think I got bumped - threads close after 10 postings.

A teaching degree will qualify you for immigration but it may not result in employment without provincial licensing. You would need to investigate the requirements to teach through the College of Teachers in any province you may wish to settle in. Even for teachers educated in Canada, inter provincial trasfers are not common as each province has different criteria.

There may be opportunities in private schools that do not require licensing but generally the pay is less.

Another problem with the teaching profession is that places like BC have declining enrollment - they are closing schools. That means teacher that are retiring are not being replaced. The sub lists are full of teachers hoping for permanent positions.

this is one of those sad disconnects between what is required to gain entry into Canada and what is available for employment. If you are open to doing something other than teaching, your prospects would be infinitely better. ESL is a definite asset.

You mentioned that you worked in a First Nations environment. Are you yourself First Nations? If so, there are some specific immigration provisions that may be available to you. I don´t know the specifics and it would not change the teaching situation but it may be worth investigating.

Good luck

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Thanks for highlighting the facts. I find this information is more closer to the reality.

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