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Subject: visitors visa
  Hi everyone can you pls enlighten me on this topic pls.

My mom has been granted a visitor´s visa, she entered canada last Sept 21, 2007, is she allowed to stay for 6 mos from the time of arrival?
Is the expiry date indicated on the sticker in her passport means she´s allowed to enter canada within those specific date or is that the expiry of her visa to stay in canada?
Your answers will be highly appreciated.

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PP stamping date means the time frame upto which she can enter.

How long can she stay will be determined at the port of entry.

2 things are different.

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Thanks so much for the info. ,now I clearly understood everything.I´m happy that I don´t have to go through the hassle of extending her visa. Thanks again. God bless!
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Carefully try to see the ´Duration of Stay" in her passport supposed to be written by the immigration officer at the port of enrty (not the Visa validity date). If she plans to stay longer then she´ll need to apply.

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Hello Departed_Canadian,
the immigration officer did not write any date below the stamp on her passport when she entered Canada.On her passport it showed something like this
*****Canada customs******
* 588 *
* Sept 21 2007 *
* V.I.A/A.I.V *
* 821 *
I also read in CIC site that if there´s no date written that means she is allowed to stay the maximum w/c is 6 mos.
Have I understood it right? Thanks for your help.

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