I want to live in Canada - but HOW?

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Subject: I want to live in Canada - but HOW?
  I´ve lived in Canada since 2003 on a study permit until 2005. Got a visitor Visa until 2006 then extended until Jan 2008.

The second extension was due to the fact that my girlfriend was going to sponsor me under the common-law application process. But unfortunately we broke up in April and I am now woeful of my options.

I went to school for graphic design, and have many connections in film and entertainment. I have a certain company that wants to hire me, since I´m close to the boss, but past attempts to get me a work permit have failed. I don´t have enough experience on paper in my industry to merit a work permit.

I have 20k in funds that my father left me. I´m 25 years old and would like to start my own business in Canada very soon. But only if I can stay.

What can I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You have stayed in Canada since 2003 and you are still asking HOW :)

Funny "eh"

What about us, my friend, from outside

Good luck

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Nightmare situation, I´m currently looking for ways to stay as well.

I´m not an expert but I think you have a couple of options.

1. you haven´t mentioned anything about a working holiday visa. This is what I´m currently on. Check out the BUNAC web site and apply for a 1 yr working visa to bide some time. You can apply on line when the forms become available in December of this year. It´s a first come first served bases & straightforward. You need to be in the UK to apply but you could always go home for a holiday! The whole process take around 5-6 weeks tops, which would be worth it if you get another year to sort out how to stay. While you´re on the 1 yr working visa you can then apply for PR if you wanted.

2. I was told that if you have a letter from an employer saying that they are offering you a job and the offer is valid until you have been granted your PR then you can submit this (not sure what the process is called but it´s different to a company sponsoring you as you don´t need to actually work for this company once you get your PR) and apply for PR at the same time - this speeds up your PR process to about 9 mths - again you could do this while on your 1 yr visa or try and get it done now.

Hope this is of some help and come next year we are both still here!

iam looking for a driving job in canada (in reply to: I want to live in Canada - but HOW?)
dear sir. iam from india .now iam working in dubai as a driver.i have truck license also.iam looking for driving job in canada.how can i get job.iam eligble or not.iam waiting for your good advice .tahnk you
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You should try Alberta, they need a lot of truck drivers there, that is what I hear.

Contact some employment agencies there.

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