UK Citizen Married to Canadian Moving to Canada

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Subject: UK Citizen Married to Canadian Moving to Canada
I would truly appreciate some adivce from anyone who has a moment or four to spare! Here´s the situation:

Husband: UK citizen - skilled worker with 17 years experience, now one of the tops in his trade but lacks college degrees and diplomas. Has ability to support the family financially.

Wife: Canadian Citizen - home maker / mother with the ability to provide only a minimal income in Canada.

Married in UK - 2005.

Currently living in Thailand, and hope to immigrate to B.C. (wife´s home province) in 2009.

Would we be best off looking for a job for Husband before we apply any other way? Is there a way to apply to live and work in Canada without a job to come to? Or....any other suggestions?

Thanks a million (in advance) for any advice and support.



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