sponsoring under conjugal lots of concerns

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Subject: sponsoring under conjugal lots of concerns
  hello to anyone that might have some answers.

I amsponsoring my lesbian partenr of 4.5 years.
CIC online status last week showed nothing, this week it showed
Sponsorship application recieved: Sept 19,2007
Processing began October 11, 2007
Decision made October 11, 2007

letter sent please allow time for mail delays.

?? how worried should I be?

there are no complications that I can think of, no previous marriages, no bankrupcy, no criminal record, not on social assicatence.

I am canadian by birth.

I have two concerns, 1 our age difference of 22 years. and 2 I didn´t give a tax recipet just my reason for not having one, house sold, am waiting to reinvest not to have to pay income on the sale money.

anyone have any idea?

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