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Subject: New family Member !!
  We ( me and my wife and daughter) Landed CANADA Dec 2006. We gave our friends address and our Canadian address. After a month my PR was mailed but my wife and daughter. A letter stating that their Photograph or signature was not appropriate and they should be in-person at Vancouver office to get PRs.

But after a week from landing we came back to USA and i am continuing my job. We are planning to go CANADA sometime next year. Between we are blessed with boy in Sept 2007 in USA.

Now what process we need to follow in order for my new born son to be added to CIC records ? Shouldnt i inform CIC of new arrival ? If its need to informed , to which address i should send and what documents i should send ?

Any experienced and valid answer is appreciated well.


pl Help me !! (in reply to: New family Member !!)
Roy or Anyone

could you pl guide me furthur ?


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