i need suggestions regarding Immigration to Canda

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Subject: i need suggestions regarding Immigration to Canda
  Hi All,

I am stating my situation below Please send me some suggestions if any of you have similar experience or knowledge regarding this issue.

I was supposed to complete my B.Sc. Honors (a 4 year course) in computer science by August, 2006.

But, I started working as a full time software engineer by the end of 2005.That´s why, I´ve postponed my study for a while (I had only 3 credit left). I am going to graduate by the end of 2007.

I am thinking of applying for immigration to Canada under "Skilled workers and professionals" category after completing my graduation.
I already have 2 years full time work experience as a software engineer.

My question is whether the experience i have will be counted as a full time work experience since (I had not complete my graduation during that period)?


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Look your position up in the NOC and look very closely at the main duties. If you did the main duties for that occupation you should be fine if now you meet the educational requirements of that offupcation in the NOC. Start looking for an employer now which will allow you to not prove funds available to immigrate because your probably still paying your student loans.I assume you are planning on filing a FSW application.


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