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I don`t know who else to ask, and if You could be so kind to answer this question, if You eventualy know
something about it.

The case is as follows :

I`ve send the application for the Skilled Worker Immigration visa in July 2006. Received the AOR Letter on

August 2nd, 2006.
In the AOR, it says that application processing time for my category is 12 months.
It has been more than a year, but I received no contact from Canadian Embassy in Wienna.( I am from Serbia ).
I sent E-mail to Can. Embassy in Wienna, but they tould me that application processing times have increased

significantly, and that I should not expect any contact from them before late 2007.
Later, I received again mail from Embassy and they attached me the AOR from SAP applicants in pdf format,

and it says that processing times are 36-48 months and thay will request supporting documentation at a later

Thing that is confusing me is that I applicated during the old Immigration Process and I sent complete

supporting documentation together with my application. Documents are not returned to me. But they send me

the SAP AOR in E-mail ( they say, "reffer to this").
I`m really confused, because I`m not in a SAP category.
Few days ago, I`ve received the CAIPS Notes from Otawa, and it was empty, only basic information, they did

not even do the initial assesment.
More ever , all my friends ( actually, nowbody from Serbia ) that applicated same time as me(June-August

2006), also didn`t received anything from Embassy and they received similar answers in E-mails. People that

applicated before June 2006, they completed they immigration processes in a period of 6-12 months and they

are already in Canada.

My question for You, if you could be so kind to answer, is next :

Do You know what is actualy happening in Immigration Section of Canadian Embassy in Wienna, when will

they start to process the old applications (before SAP applicants), I don`t know anybody else to ask....?

Just to mention, I have more than enough points, 73, i think ( I`m 37 years old, Electrical Engeneer, 8 years of

work expirience in my occupation, 16 points on IELTS-7.5 , 8.5 , 7 , 7 , brother in Canada, enough proof of

funds- bank account with more than enough funds thay ask, I have wife and two sons, 12 an 5 years

old)......everything is OK with points...

Any answer will be more than welcome,

Thanking you in advance,

Sinisa Grandic,
21 Srpske Divizije 22/5
37000 Krusevac

Sinisa Grandic
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The Visa staff may have been reduced. They may be exchanging staff etc. etc. Think positive it is probably form letters just being sent out. Check the processing times at


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Cao Sinisa,

Sorry for saying but, I think you should wait, large number of applicants at the Vienna embassy, also I have heard that it may take up to 3 years for the application to complete

Be strong, have fun, the most important is that you have points and also your Golden points at the adaptability section (your brother) thats great.

You will get it sooner rather than later...
Its not 12 months!


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Hi Sinisa,
You are not alone. Processing times at Moscow CIC have increased from one year to 2-3 years, since Simplifed scheme was introduced.

I have my own guess for that: the new procedures were not fully worked out and caused many internal problems. Organizational problems, such as misunderstanding among CIC staff, misplacement of papers, etc. As the time goes and the staff gets used to the new order, things should speed up.

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