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Subject: sponsoring my wife's children- correction
  I am a Canadian citizen and I married my wife who is a citizen of the Philippines in her country. She has two children. Their father is not involved with them at all. He lives in Japan. I want to adopt her children and sponsor all three of them into Canada. The social worker in the Philippines is asking for a consent form to be filled out stating that I am capable of adopting two children. Which form is this? I have contacted several people within government departments and it seems that nobody knows what needs to be done. Thank you.
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You do not have to adopt these children, they are your step children, you can sponsor your wife and the children.
However, you have to get written consent from their father that he is allowing them to travel to Canada as PR.
See your local lawyer in the Phillippines so the consent can pass through the courts, every country has different regulations where this matter is concerned.

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