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Subject: help for point calculation
  Hello all,

thanks for ealier contibutions.

1)i want to know how they will calulte marks for english language..if i give ielts later after sumbitiing my application.
can someone help me if i am calculating my points correctly

husband qualification -computer engineer from india with 9 yrs exp,age -: 33
wife -: MBA but currently not working, work exp-2yrs
kids- 2
knowledge of french:-0
realtive in canada:-yes

currently working in US on L1 and want to apply from buffalo

2)does indian embassy in newyork will notorise the documents?
thanks a lot

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if you look on the CIC website it will give you some clues. 4 points in speaking, writing, listening and comprehension (I think that is the 4 categories) means you are fully fluent. 2 points is moderate and 0 if you have no skills. If your native language is not english, getting 16 points is a stretch and the notion that CIC will waive any requirment of taking IELTS testing is wishful.

16 points is tough.

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THanks Sharon,

so if ielts is leated only they will award max points, if not so seeing my husband´s profile do you think he will get 67 points..


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there is no way for us to tell from your limited information whether your husband would earn 67 points. There is an online grid on that will help you count up your score. I would not plan for 16 points for language - just in case. Can he pass with 12?
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Thanks Sharon for the input.
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