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Subject: Software Job market in Canada. - II
You have already mentioned that the language part is something that "your guy" has to deal with anyway.

The other important requirement is local contacts, in other words intangible inroads into the job market, basically spreading the word around that there is a person looking out for work. And since you have been living in Canada for a while, that process should not be that hard for him. In other words if we compare your guy´s case with a similar person who just landed without any local contacts, life will be much easier for your guy. Remember, lots of job openings don´t even make it to the job search websites as employers would try to see if their existing employees can fill the spot up or can recommend someone who can be a fit in the new position. Moreover its very hard to understand what all a new immigrant has to go through apart from the job front, just day to day things that they have to deal takes the toll on you, these are also obstacles, but obviously not related to the job industry, and also something that your guy may not have to go through.

Moreover I think you should already have a good understanding about what he wants to do and must have already done research about fitting him into the society, haven´t you already done that yet ? Moreover, look at this from his point of view also, I mean just for a second lets assume that you dump him as soon as he lands... (don´t get mad, its just a what if scenario !!) he should have some plan of action for himself right ?

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A guy with a Phd. in IT has a language barrier for the past 5 years based on information submitted on this website?
How come such a brilliant guy cannot pass a simple IELTS exam?
Over to you Sutar B.

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Yeah Balwant, reading, writing and speaking skills are all a integral part of the language. You could have a brilliant scientist who cannot communicate, so its not unusual but yeah usually we assume that a educated person will have good speaking skills.
Going over to the IELTS test itself, its a matter of preparing for it. Basically even if you are an excellent listener, writer and speaker, if you have to take the test without any notice you might get caught off guard and under perform. If you prepare for it then its a piece of cake, lots of people are over confident and make the mistake of not preparing.

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my gosh, he has 87 some points and his listening and speaking skills have improved light years. He might get a 3 in speaking and listening. He barely spoke enlish at all when I met him. French is his first Canadian language rather than english and his writing skills are the pits simply because he does not get much opportunity beyond email. First thing he will do after he says hello is going to be ESL classes so he can cope with simple business english.

I have lots of business contacts but my world is very removed from the tech sector so I have no idea how helpful I will be.

At this point, I have always said that if our relationship does not work out, I would still help him simply because he deserve the opportunity to get out of his 3rd world rut. I would likely encourage him to go to Montreal rather than stay in Vancouver just because the language dynamic would be easier for him. He has different ideas that would be rather stupid in my mind but only time with resolve that part.

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it is interesting that we assume all prospective immigrants are coming with fluent english rather than french. You only get 16 points for your first language. The best you can do is 8 on the second one. It will be my hope that at some point in time B. will have balanced proficiency in both english and french so he can possibly work for the federal government. It might be wishful thinking to get his english to that point but one thing I have learned about software developers is that language and IT seem to come from the same side of the brain. If you can learn to ´speak´ Java you should be able to learn english while you are at it.

when I said he might get 3 in speaking and listening I was suggesting 3/7 on the IELTS levels. I am a bit lazy with him in that I don´t aways like to correct him when we talk together and as many of you likely know, word order in French is almost opposite to english.

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sharon writes such bullshit, that I just ignore her posts..its much easier now going through the posts here now.

Sharon, I strongly advise you to see a psychatrist or go to some home to get cured and stop telling lies. Good luck with your screwed life, dear sharon!.

Well wisher

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a quote from sam ´good luck with your screwed life´
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