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i have not received my interview schedule yet from LA. i recieved my IA about 3 months ago and said to me that interview is required for me and my spouse. i have taken IELTS test but did not submit due to low score that i got around 8 points instead of 12 points required to pass. that´s why did not submit. my question is if i submit my score now do they waive interview in my case? or will they disqualify me after looking at score? please advice me i don´t know what to do. thanks,

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just go for interview. you will be fine.
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What did they say in your IA letter?? tell me in details.
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they have sent medical forms in IA letter. In the letter they stated as "Do not schedule appointment for medical until we send your interview schedule in LA". i think my file is transfering from buffalo to LA. can anybody send me link to check interview status in LA? but the problem here is my US work visa is expiring by feb´05. if i transfer my file to India, Does my file start process again from beginning? or Does it continue queue with same status? how long does it take to process in India? please help. thanks

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Even i got the same letter in September 04. No news from LA as of now. Any ideas?????????????????????
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