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Subject: sponsoring a spouse
  I met my girlfriend 7 ? years ago through a exchange student program, at that time we were not dating , we keep in touch through the years and we saw each other again last year and decided to start dating, I?m a Canadian citizen , she lives outside of her home country (USA) I visited her a lot this year and stay for month up to two months every time that I went , we want to get marry in the USA, she entered the USA legally with a visa , but her status at the moment is not good ,she had passed the time allowed for the American Immigration, I want to marry her before she goes back to her home country, my question is , can we get marry in the USA? Should I file the papers after she is back to her home country? What can we do?? We had proof of our relationship since last year, we have pictures my friends had met her, my mom met her over the phone, I met her parents when I was in her home country, her friends are now my very good friends and had visited me here in Canada several times, please I really need an advise, she has excellent records with her jobs in USA as well voluntary community services, knows the language (English), please please, some one help!
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Not sure what you want to know, Owen. Way too much unclear information.

As a Canadian citizen, you can marry an American in the U.S.
Then, you can file for Canadian spouse sponsorship application for your wife from either Canada or the U.S.

Try going to this Canadian government website to find more information:


should we get marry in the states? (in reply to: sponsoring a spouse)
she is not an american citizen, she has lived ( and still live in the states) , she is facing removal procedings now ( she has an overstay visa), we were planing on just living together, I came back and forth from the states to canada between last year and this year, my question is should we marry in the states or should we get marry in her home country since she does not hold a canadian visa? or should I just apply for a commmom law partner, we have lost of documents to back that up. thanks
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