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Subject: Restoration of Study Permit
  Dear Members,

Your valuable suggestions are requested in this matter. My study permit is expired due to late registration in my school and now I am applying for restoration of the study permit. What are the chances for getting it approved and what supporting documents I need to attach in order to represent my case as I just read that failure to prove the facts and circumstances would result in rejection. Also, I am finishing my studies in 2 months and I have a valid job offer in Canada.


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You should submit all the documents mentioned in the checklist such as copy of student permit, letter from school, proof of funds, etc. You can explain the reasons for the loss of status on the form.

Remember you cannot continue to study till your restoration application is finalized. You have to pay restoration fee in addition to the study permit extension fee.

You have a decent chance of success if you present your application properly.

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Thanks Samm,

I am not taking any courses rightnow (as I already finish all courses) and I am just waiting for my thesis defense. Also, one question would this case will hert my future work permit application or PR application?

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it should not affect your future applications.
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