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Subject: being sponsored
  hi there, I over stay in teh USA , and I´m in teh porcess of being deported ,my boyfriend ( a canadian citisen) does not want me to go back to my home country yet unless we get marry firts here in the USA, me being deported from the US , how that is going to affect my aplication to go canada ?? it is better for me to get marry here in teh USA, and then apply for visa to come to canada, from here? or my home country? we have no idea of what is best for us to do :(, please any one that can give us some orientation it would be great! ,one thing ( i do not have any criminal charges, or bad behavior, I was always paying my taxes here and everything else) did lost of voluntary work,took some clases at the university, have exellent job references, and live here for almost 8 years!!!!
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If you are illegal now in the USA, you still have to go back to your home country for him to sponsor you to Canada, regardless if you marry him in the USA or in your home country.

Let me caution you on this, you have to prove that your marriage is genuine because immigration officers are very suspicious of people who are deported from the USA and then get married to a Canadian.

If you have the option of departing the USA voluntarily, it is better to do this than being deported.

Canadian immigration officers do not look too favourably on people who are deported from the USA.

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I do have that option ,thanks so much for the advice,we did not know what to do, so now it seems that is just better for us to marry in my home country.
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