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Subject: I LMAO too!!
  The US government websites say whatever they like but the reality is felt among the populations. They say Canada is the largest producer of energy (not oil) because they need Canadian energy.

I laugh because Canada needs unskilled labour but encourages skilled immigration
I laugh because Canada awards points to foreign education but it takes years for immigrants to get into their professions
I laugh because Canada acknowledges foreign work experience but Canadian employers dont give a damn
I laugh because Canada promises jobs to professionals but makes them cheap labour
I laugh because Canada welcomes Doctors, Engineers, PhDs, Lawyers and Pharmacists to make them Cabbies, Truckies, Security guards, Sweepers and Cashiers!

Canada is due for a change... consider foreign education equivalent and offer licenses to foreign trained doctors, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers etc. and allow them to practice their professions right after landing OR just dont award any points to foreign education! As simple as said!

Almost Perfect!!
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Well said Almost Perfect.

If I had made those statements, those two morons on this forum who is after me would have said, I am anti-Canadian, and more other dirty words to defame me.

In reality, it is hardly any new immigrant will get a job to match his qualifications.


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I can´t agree more with you on your part of "I Laugh". If guys doesn´t laught then I really feel sorry about their moral or sanity.

Though I don´t think that foreign credential recognition or easy licensure will help a lot. In fact, I agree that proper licensure is needed. However, it is clear that Canada by no way can support the no. of high skill immigrants accepting every year. Ragardless they are U of T Ph.D holders or ABC school of Somalia.

However, it is a hard fact that Canadian oil reserve is the 2nd highest. Even Americans don´t have that power to distort such fact. What do you think? If you have any 2nd thought then please share with us. Oil alone can´t bring a country very far, todays world is getting more and more technology oriented. The concept of whoever have oil will rule won´t last long.

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If someone defines you as anti Canadian based on your agreement then I would humbly request them please don´t preach yourself as the most open leader of freedom of speech.

They have the full right of disagreement but don´t have any right to ask how good Canadian we are.

Only thing they have in their arsenal is 30 years lowest...(does it show the stat of the immigrants), does it tell anything about the rate splitt among high tech or general workers..??

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My Morning Rant

Balwant using those terms could get you into serious trouble.

Balwant if you disagree with a posting and wish to show your intelligence or you agree with another persons posting come up with some logic that supports his/her position. Well said does not cut it!

If employment in ones own field is such a huge issues as you say Balwant why do immigrants keep coming if they will not be employed properly as you say? Why do you take money as an immigration consultant to assist future immigrants in being unemployed in their own field?

Regarding your post in reply I assume to my post Almost Perfect here is my morning rant.

Almost Perfect are you implying electricity and gas are not energy. Fewer homes are being heated by oil and far more by gas. Homes and business are ran by electricity. The tar sands are being developed. My posting clearly stated largest energy provider. Canada imports 6% of its own oil needs because getting oil to the east coast is expensive.

Young men do not have to get killed in Iraq to protect American energy or oil concerns if they get their oil from the 1.6 Trillion barrels in Alberta Tar Sands.


Almost Perfect about what you see as a negative Canada issue because I see them as a positive Canadian issue.

In the same vein!!!

I laugh too because the States for decades have done nothing regarding all of their unskilled illegal immigrants.
I laugh too because Canada paid off its foreign debt by trying to attract skilled immigrants that would benefit Canada´s economy.
I laugh too because some believe that if an employer can not confirm the persons experience they should hire them anyways.
I laugh too because certain individuals believe that the country promises them jobs not so. Employers employ not countries.
I laugh too because Canada does not accept Doctors as skilled worker applicants unless they have been trained in only six locations.
I laugh too because a definition of an engineer is serious business. An engineer trained poorly could put many persons lives at risk. Getting accreditation takes time. An accountant from Iran will know nothing about Canadian tax legislation. An civil engineer with no detailed experience in a particular field should not receive membership unless they can prove their knowledge. The Law in Nigeria, Philippines, and many other countries is far more corrupt then in Canada and all of these individuals or Lawyer´s should be required to upgrade their skills to compete more effectively.

I agree Canada has a Doctor shortage and possibly certain things could be done to have more Doctor´s recognized. The issue here is its okay if there not operating on you. As long as someone else´s life is put at risk---I do not think so. It is better to exercise on the side of caution because Canada never recognized their occupation as a way for them to immigrate.

Recently the Nova Scotia economic stream PNP program was rightly attacked and dropped for attempting to expedite individuals into Canada faster. They were not offering them appropriate jobs.

What you may have missed or are ignorant of Almost Perfect is that two of the individuals who were complaining were from a free and democratic Iran. Iran has the visa post as Damascus which has a business class average processing period of 62 months. Partly due to what a business person is in that part of the world would never be considered a business person in the developed world mainly because one has to comprehend were their funds came from.

The average PNP processing times for managers or business persons from the same visa post is 11 months. So the Pharmacist who had money from mountain village between Tehran and Rasht gave the province of Nova Scotia $108,000.00 and he saved probably more the five years of waiting plus can say he had employment although not in his field.

Is it right NOT REALLY but I bet he was aware of the costs and processing times. Has the province of Nova Scotia made restitution YES they gave back $80,000.00 and now for $28,000.00 his new wife is here and his parents are on there way and his Uncle will receive additional points because of his status etc. etc.

Sorry to read in your post that your foreign education is not being recognized as much as you feel it should be.

Think positive and you will see a change coming. Some times to correct injustices it takes some yelling but to get results try being more positive because when your not getting yelled at or called a moron people listen better.


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I posted previously many postings/reference about professional job situation in Canada, all from reliable Canadian source. Canadian immigration minister´s evaluation about the SW program. All were wrong. So I don´t wanna waste time for that. Whoever wants to believe what he/she wants they deserve the right to do so.

Lets see something new; did you guys see these news of Nova Scotia immigration? Have a look. I know some of my freinds have many nice english words in their stock to enlighten us positively.

Immigrants demand their money back -Even ´poster boy´ for nominee program calls it a waste of money http://www.hfxnews.ca/index.cfm?sid=73975&sc=89

Brokers pressured immigrants into mentorships: Lawyer

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Roy, some lines from your post....

"why do immigrants keep coming if they will not be employed properly"
Roy, most of the time its the fault of the immigrants for not having done proper research, and in a few cases its probably people like you (I mean immigration consultants) who paint a rosy picture to get a fat paycheck from poor immigrants.

"The States for decades have done nothing regarding all of their unskilled illegal immigrants"
I agree, but as you said it they are illegal (duh!!), Canada does not care about even "legal" skilled immigrants, well it does take care of them by making them unskilled I guess !! I think its safe to assume that most of the active (past,present and future immigrant) contributors on this forum fall under the skilled category.

My rant is towards all those #@@@# on the forum who keep shouting the slogan "Immigration does not mean jobs".....
Okay fine, why the hell do you call it skilled immigration then ? Do you not get it ???? (-- 2 seconds pause --) do you get it now ??? (-- another 5 seconds go by --) Okay, how about now ???

For the moment, if you compare it with the two of the other most popular immigrant destinations like Australia and the USA, I don´t think the "skilled" immigrants face that big a problem. The simple fact is that Canada does not have the volume of skilled labor jobs to cater to the skilled immigrants, period. No problems for unskilled immigrants though. What the immigrants need is good orientation and proper feedback, probably most immigrants have a big ego to admit that coming to Canada was a bad decision, and I think the intelligent ones will leave as soon as they realize it.

Roy you did nail it, Canada has paid off its national debt by using the money that the new immigrants brought in, and will be bringing in... Oh Canada !!

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As always our thoughts converge.

However, from your lines; "most of the time its the fault of the immigrants for not having done proper research.." I fully agree they are to blame first for not proper research. BUT, when a Govt. advertizes itself as a land of oppurtunities then how much blame should go to the imigrants? I can bet you, most of the immigrants get the one sided rosy picture by the Govvt. website, and as Canadian Govt. has a very nice international picture they believe all of the nice words without much doubt.

I wouldn´t say anything if the CIC website with all of their fancy words would just add, the ON Immigration minister´s evaluation about the SW program.
"It is like inviting someone for dinner and then feed him bones or let him wash the dish".

If it is not dual standard then what else could be?

About why immigrants still coming into Canada? Do they know how many go back?

- Stat Canada reports that 17% immigrants return after 1 year, and eventually 1/3rd.

The problem is only for the foreign degree? No way. What would they say about this radio talk?
Kindly listen the job searching experinces of recent Canadian University Grads.

Be God With You!

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Raj I agree partly with you the issue is not just skilled worker Immigration though. The issue is will one be employed in their field and is the current process getting the cream of the crop. NO! I was the one that brought the NS PNP Program to this posting attention and have said many many times that processing times have increased by 600% in the last decade.

Before the NOC came in and CIC made changes to their point system a Chef working a Barney´s hamburger joint got the same points as a Chef at the Ritz in Paris.

The pendulum was too far one way and they swung it way too far the other way. Soon it will be back in the middle. I on the other hand as my web site says stays away from FSW clients with a passion.

To change any law to the better in any country it takes time. The NS economic stream asked for $128,000.00 for managers with 2 years experience out of the last five. When the person arrived they would get a six month position worth $20,000.00

$40,000.00 in NS is a fair wage.

The Agent got a kick back of $20,000.00 the employer got $80,000.00 and the applicant got paid from his/her own money $20,000.00 and $8,000.00 went to the province. FAIR I said not really but compare it to other Federal Business processing times for a millionaire from Damnascus, Moscow, Beijing who has a net worth of $800,000.00 and willing to invest $400,000.00 for five years at no interest. Or gives a bank $200,000.00 and waits five or six years.


To some of the people who used the program and did not get a job in their field as promised complained and got most of their money back. I choose to look at that and say that at least NS did something about breaking their promises.

The applicants had to know that the program was really fast and if it seems too true to be good it normally is. I found it funny they picked two Iranians to complain with that visa post processing times from a country that is so cloaked in smoke and mirrors. BEEN THERE DONE THAT.


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Only good thing us NS failed policy is that they are giving the money back.

Money is not the biggest issue.

Why on the earth they started something which they can´t?

This is the basic of the Federal SW program as well. Pretend to be something which they are not.

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as always I agree with you. I mean this job issue comes here again and again and yes it seems that there is a fault in the immigration systems and a lot of skilled immigrants end up with "small" jobs outside their field.

But I would agree with Roy, what about the positive sides of this ? An informed immigrant would not take it as an issue if he/she knows about it before. Deciding to immigrate to Canada is a BIG DECISION and all pros and cons should be carefully weighted beforehand. If you had a good job in your home country then WHY COMING TO CANADA ?

I would not make a list of all the good things in Canada as it was discussed before but the bottom line is if you know WHAT to expect before landing, Canada is definitely a good place to be for millions of reasons.

As for the 1/3 rd that returns after 1 year, how many percent of them were "informed about what to expect" I guess ZERO!!

I would say overall in any circumstances, having some kind of expectations is always BAD, this is not proper to Canada or to immigration.

Instead of blaming the system (that should definitely improve) coping with it by making oneself a name, a place, a life with a positive mind will bring more happiness than cursing it.

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So departed have you really departed or are you still in Canada?

When things are not perfect try to improve, fix or repair. Yesterday I met a FSW applicant who did his application himself and claimed he was a Junior Accountant at the age of 18.

Should company ABC Accounting hire him?