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Subject: Quickest and Easiest way ...Please Help
I am writing for some information on bringing my love home from Morocco. I want to know the easiest way and the quickest because from what I read it all really takes a long time and expensive.I have told him to keep documents we send and I am doing the same. We wish to marry is it better to bring him here to Canada and or best to marry in Morocco what is required from either place to marry ?? What is required from him to able him to come to Canada (ex must he work now in Morocco,be bilingual). I know I must not be on any assistance and prove to the Canadian government I can afford to take care of him aswell. What is the cost of everything and aproximately how long. Please help with questions or if you could direct me to where I can get information this is all new..

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Go to cic.gc.ca and you will get all the information and Government costs.
Consultant and Lawyers fees are separate if you decided to hire one.


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Dear sir,
looking for the Immigration to Canada, as(skilled worker)
English Language professor in the University in Canada.
pl repl me as soon as possible.
Thank with regards
Professor Doctor

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English language professor will set you up for a poorly paying job in an ESL school.

Your grammar tells me your skills are text book and that is really going to give your trouble in terms of employment in your field.

not even sure your skill/education is currently on the list of professions Canada is considering for immigration.

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Interested for immigration to canada with family & work as
professor of the University in canada.

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