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Subject: divorce
I landed in august. I stayed with my wife for a month, she did not stay with me in my room she told me that she had some infection with her sex organs.
then i moved to toronto for my job. she was with her father and did not move with me. She was hospitalized backhome. I went to see her and i was shocked reading her report. She has a cycological problem . her stress level is 10/10 She had water in her brain when she was born, she is not able to Plan out anything . She do what her father say, she has no individual capacity to think. She cries often , etc

Now she is not with me from last 4 months. Her parents no longer trust me. I tried to convince the girl to move and stay with me but she is not able to take steps against her parents. She dont even understand the importance of marriage life.

Now what should i Do. Who can Help me. Whom should i discuss my prolem with me. since i am immigrant no body is ready to trust me . i have good feeling for my wife. but i am not able to convince my father in law or my wife.

Please guide

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why did you not know all this before you got married?
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are you needing your wife to sponsor you?
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I guess it was arranged marriage, wasn´t it?
I think best thing to do is, if you can take a month or few weeks off from your work, you should go back and try to make it work. try to bring her here, open her eyes (her mind),.

As long as you can bring her here, everything will work out I think

good luck

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where are u from?? May be after u tell what is the situation, we can help....let us know what the real problem is
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My marriage is arranged. It was finalized in 8 days.
My one of the relative has arranged my marriage. Right now i am in canada and i am an indian.
My wife can work but she cant understand me or my feelings.
Neither can i discuss anything with her.
she only says i dont know or i left it to my father.
Please guide

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