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Subject: Police Certificate from Canada (fingerprint)
  Hello guys,

I have arrived to Canada and started my studt at UofT in Janauary 2007 and I have applied - Buffalo, [b]July, 2007 [/b] and got AOR -[b] Aug 09, 2007[/b]. Then, on [b]AUG 14[/b], I recived a letter requesting the Englist profieciany test IELTS.
On Oct 23, they sent me another letter requesting RCMP check based on fingrprint.

I have some questions here:
1-Should I make this RCMP check for me and my wife? They didn´t mention anything about her in the letter but I guess she has the sae situation as me.
2-By sending this letter to me, does it mean that they started a "real" processing or assessment of my application? I mean by real that gives me points upon my application not just checking if somthing missing.

Note : I have applied before completing 6 months in Canada

Thank you in advance


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If your wife has been in Canada as long as you have, then yes. If she hasnt visited Canada at all, then no.
What do you understand by a real processing? Requesting IELTS results or a police certificate doesnt guarantee approval of your application. Its part of the real processing. They will do a check on you by themselves... either on your education or job or criminal.

Almost Perfect!!
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Thank you for your reply
But I got this explanation from another friend:
Only submit the RCMP fingerprint check for yourself. The CIC did an RCMP name check and a criminal record popped up with your name (as it did for the principal applicant in our case). Now you need a fingerprint check to verify that isn´t your criminal record.

One of those letters after your AOR is your initial assessment letter (IA), so yes, your application is being processed. Get the documents they require as quickly as possible to avoid delaying your application.

Here´s a link on how to get the RCMP check done quickly:

So what do you think?

Thanks again


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Yes, CIC does RCMP name check for people. If somebody with your name comes up with a record, they ask for fingerprint. You have been asked for pcc so submit for yourself. No need to submit your wife´s. Also, google for digital fingerprint services, its faster I heard.

If they have not notified you that " We have completed our initial assessment and to further process your case we require you to undergo medical examination...." then its not your IA.

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Hi Samm,
Unfortunatly I already have done a regular fingure print. I don´t know what should I do next? where to send it? and where to mention my file number?
hope I find a reply

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Check this out.

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