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Subject: Citizenship Survey
  Help!!! I am a graduate student conducting my thesis research on Asian immigrants´ experiences in Canada and their decisions to become Canadian citizens.

I need immigrants from Asia to complete a brief survey (takes approximately 20 minutes). Each person who completes the survey will be entered in 2 lottery draws for a chance to win $50.00.

I am looking for:
-immigrants from Asia (who curretnly live in Ontario),
-who have lived in Canada for at least 2 years
-and have not already applied for Canadian citizenship

The survey and a description of the study is availalbe on-line at the following link (I can mail you a paper copy of the survey with postage paid return envelope upon your request).

Please either complete the survey yourself (if you fit the criteria), or tell anybody who you know who fits the study criteria about it so that they can particiate.

Thank you,

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