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Subject: Concerned for CBV!!
  I dont want to discourage you. I have encouraged you before and hope to do whenever I can. But your over enthusiasm & over expectations about your wonderful life( with great values) in Canada scares me. You are developing a sort of interest for me to read your comments after you get the Canadian PR. Words like "Even if I had the GC I would not stay in US even if you would pay me for this .... theoretically I can get a GC if I apply for it but I won?t!" may change in the opposite way!"
I sincerely hope not though!

Richard, if you are not from one of the Asian/African/South American countries, then you probably dont know what you saying.

Almost Perfect!!
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I have similar worry for CBV and only hope that I would be proved wrong.

CB is smart enough, he already learned many things, got some realistic picture. He also got 1 or more interviews there, that tells me that he should get away.

Richard´s view and our view are from different perspectives. So we can´t compare him with oursleves always. He is very sensible and respects everybody, even with totally opposite view. You just have to explain him briefly.

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CBV is a grown up and intelligent enough to make appropriate decisions for his family. For every bad story there are 2 good ones - please remember that.

This forum does not represent all immigrants. How many actually hang around here after they land? We never hear how they do. We only hear from a few and in that regard, everything should be kept in context - just like you want people to keep my Canadian perspective in context.

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We definitely can´t listen experiences of all landed. Absolutely correct. But at least from the participants here, there are many things to share, learn.

It doesn´t take to interview all, there are many collective research published on the failure/sucess immigrants. Anybody interested can study that, and any prospective immigrants at least do that.

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Hi AP and DC

Thanks very much for your concern. There is always so much one is willing to share on this forum. I have good reasons to believe in a very positive future in Canada that are also personal. So not knowing the details ... it is difficult to see the whole picture.

However I feel happy that some people out there are concerned about me! ... you made my day!


She is right! For every bad story there are 2 good ones. And yes how many happy successful immigrants hang around here ?

Anyway whatever happens, I will stick around. Who knows what future holds ?

And even though I am being positive about Canada, I am getting more negative about the outcome of my application. I am still waiting for PPR .... what if my application gets rejected ??? I had this thought this morning ..then I will be screwed for life! :(

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AP and DC,

I know what you guys are saying - don´t let high expectations cloud one´s judgement with possible disappointments later.

But I´m on CBV´s side (as DC said), even though we very much respect your views. But without a certain excitement, there would not be the motivation needed to move to the country of choice. Enthusiasm, energy, and optimism has much to do in creating positive outcomes. Remember the power of positive thinking? And yes, since I´m a North American, I may not have the perspective you guys have.

CBV and I are probably a little more idealistic (correct me if I´m wrong CBV). I think you guys are more pragmatic and practical, especially when it comes to economic success. And that´s fine and makes sense as well. But everyone has a different mix of motivations in what drives them to make such major decisions.

I´m sure CBV welcomes these concerns, nevertheless.

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Relax, your medical was done. So no question of rejection at this stage unless have any serious health issue which you would know.

What AP & Richard said both make sense. You have to be optimist, but not over optimist. It depends on person to person, and so far CB is very confident that he knows what to expect.

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I do not agree with what you guys said, and probably think its the opposite, for every good there will be 5 bad stories maybe.... its not being negative or pessimist, its what you hear and what you see. If you still advice people to ignore it, hey make sure that you let people know that its your opinion, nothing wrong with that. Also its not wrong to learn from others mistakes.... and moreover I have sincere doubts about the immigrants who are working 2 jobs a day to actually find the time and motivation to constantly come here and make contributions on the forum. Interestingly enough I am yet to come across a Canada immigration forum where you have seen more happy stories than horror ones, why don´t you guys point me to one or two. At times a good experience comes along, but its nothing compared to the steady inflow of bad ones, and this is not just about jobs, about issues with ESL scams and others that will bother you every day in your new life. New and future immigrants have to put things into perspective.... because opinions are like @ssh@les everyone has them, would you rather listen to the community of people who have actually gone through the process, or blindly follow the opinions of non-immigrants. Reality bites, anyone can read papers and use dear friend google to cut and paste links of articles that support their opinion and ignore the ones that are contrary to theirs.
I have also gone thru´ forums for immigration to Australia, USA etc, the thing is.... everyone has issues, but if you go thru around 100-200 posts on those forums you will come to know immediately that the immigrants are not in that bad a shape, they have a sense of humor (even though they are cribbing), and the important thing is that they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Canadian immigration needs a major overhaul, it happened in 1967, 1976 and 1998 probably is due again, I´m just happy because of the fact that there is more awareness about immigration for the new immigrants here now that it was a year ago.

I wish you all the best, I don´t know about your background at all, who you know in Canada and what you aim to do etc etc, but I do wish you the best when you get there. No one can question your enthusiasm and willingness to make it good, at least you are going in with the right attitude.

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That´s why I always emphasize on collective studies and stats other than "I know" "He knows" like logic.

When Sharon told about the for every bad there are 2 good I offered to discuss available stats.

That´s the way of research, not just entering question in forums.

We all know about US, nothing much to say. I also have similar idea about Australia immigrants as you told. If I don´t get US GC by any chance I´ll definitely move to Australia.

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I just need to look around me to see success stories. I work beside them, I live beside them, I shop beside them. 99% of immigrants never step foot into an immigration forum. Based on names, we do not have a full representation of countries providing Canadian immigrants - perhaps that feeds some of the overall issues.

I know its hard. I listed to my guy fret about this and that. I worry about things he does not even begin to think about so I am not totally void of exposure to the issues.

One year ago I picked up a new Canadian and his daughter who I met on this forum. They were from Turkey and they did not know a soul in Canada. He had done his homework - even studied where he might want to live in relation to transit and the university where he hoped to take some classes. We struck up a friendship and I told him to call any time he got stuck. He discovered endless settlement services he could ask for help. He had my number and he was determined to make it work. It took him 3 months to find the job he wanted and quite honestly at the 2.5 month mark he was wondering if he made a mistake. He is now here just over 1 year and he cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Does he have time or interest to come to this forum to talk about his experiences - no, he is too busy going to the movies, dating a nice Korean girl, working, learning about his city, helping me when I need volunteers. His daughter got put back 2 years at school. It was a little tough on her ego but she is doing great.

CBV - it sounds like you are in the home stretch. Waiting is harder than qualifying for that PR. Whatever city you choose to call home, make sure you get out and meet people. Everyone out there has been an immigrant and you will be surprised how many will be willing to help you to adapt. When my friend came from Turkey, my Canadian friends all offered to help - it almost became a project!

Every person is different- remember that and there are millions of Canadians that are proof that immigration works.

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October 14- 2007
Please allow me to share with you the irony of my situation. I am a 25 year-old Canadian citizen of Chinese descent. I was educated in a Canadian university.

While once I used to get calls back for job interviews, that mysteriously stopped after all the propaganda hit the news about China´s economic take-over of the world. And Chinese factory owners leaving toxic chemicals in children´s toys for export. This is something which was later acknowledged as being the responsibility of American companies based there in China. Now it´s like every blog I visit written by someone of Asian ethnicity talks about some form of recent anti-Asian backlash.

Currently I´m jobless despite having worked in this country since I was fifteen years old.

How am I supporting myself? I´m renting a room + meals in the big house of a Chinese immigrant family. They recently immigrated. I´m basically their live-in interpreter so that they don´t have to understand English to survive in Toronto. I´m not in the basement either. I have a nice room to myself. They treat me like a member of the family.

Now, the type of white Canadians reading this, and I mean the type that regularly go, "omg! Why can´t those people just assimilate?! They´re colonizing parts of Canada and making a country within a country! oh noes!" - they´re going to be asking why I don´t just encourage the family to learn English and become more integrated into Canadian life.

Well, if Canadians are so ignorant as to marginalize their own fellow citizens due to the colour of their skin or their last names on a resume, how am I supposed to advise this family in good conscience to invest all the effort into becoming "assimilated" if this is going to be the reward they get?

So more power to them. I take care of their language needs so that they can focus on their business needs. Since I´m not needed all the time, I can easily devote time to starting my own business as well.

My advice to people out there is to create mini economies inside your segregated ethnic group. I see no shame in self-segregation if white Canadians are going to segregate themselves at the management level of large corporations. Ironically, this may be your best bet at adapting to Canadian life. Think about it. Eventually you´ll reach a critical mass of non-English speakers and large corporations will need to increasingly cater their practices to serve ethnic communities.

Yes, this is coming out of the mouth of a "home-grown Canadian."
Tiffany L. Toronto, Ontario.

Do I see something wrong with this picture, of course right ? we are all going to say its just one loser who is dissatisfied because she could not make it.... oh no, maybe there are people out there who have nothing to do but make these stories up right ? I wish every immigrant gets out there and meets people like Sharon and her friends who can help them adapt.

More power to them !!