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Hello everyone,

I am a student and have applied for Skilled worker. My question is can I invite my wife from home to Canada ? She is already filed on file for my Skill worker application.



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Hi Vern,

Yes, she can come to Canada to visit you while the application is in process provided that she meets the requirement for a visitor visa and be issued a visitor visa (if required). The fact that you have an application in process does not stop her to come and visit you.

Willy (Ka Shun) Cheng,
Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant
ChengCosgrove Immigration Services

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MAY BE rejected.

Once you applied for immigration, she may not be eligible for other category as visit or student. Upto the interviewing visa officer.

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Thanks for emailing back ,

But I am very confussed with two controvers ideas One from Wil and the Other from Departed_Canadian

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both are correct. Technically it is called Dual Intent. Technically you can visit while you have an application in process. Where it becomes difficult is that you have declared your intention to permanently reside in Canada. A tourist visa is temporary. So - what compels you to return home at the end of your visit when you have already clearly stated you want to live in Canada.

The responsibility lies with the applicant to satisfy CIC that the visitors visa is not a quick way to get yourself into the country so you can wait out your PR application inside the country. That means showing clear responsibilities back home like property, job, family, etc.


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